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Bonanza Art Park Paint Out Concepts for creating outdoor artwork in the temporary Bonanza Art Park site celebrating connection, art, culture, and community in Park City, UT.

The Arts Council of Park City & Summit County (‘Arts Council’) in partnership with Park City Municipal Corporation (‘Park City’) invites Summit County artists and/or artist teams to apply for the Bonanza Park Paint Out to create a series of temporary outdoor art projects with a range of budgets, surfaces, and materials for the temporary Bonanza Art Park site at 1635 Bonanza Drive, Park City, UT 84060.

Art transforms spaces and experiences. Our goal is to highlight our local creative talent and bring additive vibrancy to the temporary Bonanza Art Part site to engage, connect, and inspire the community through the celebration of local arts and culture.

PROJECT BUDGET: varied based on surfaces

Budget is inclusive of artists’ fees, usage fees, insurance, labor and equipment to design and produce artwork, artwork installation, and travel costs including ground transportation.

  • Concrete Courts: 38’ x 48’ concrete surface area. Each artist selected to paint a concrete court will receive an artist stipend of $2,500 including materials. These concepts should reflect geometric themes.
  • Mural Cubes: 7’ x 7’ cube wood surface area (4 side panels and one top panel). Each artist selected to paint one of the mural cubes will receive $1,750 including materials.
  • Wood Panels: 8’ wide x 5’ tall wood surface area (1 sided design). Each artist selected to paint one of the panels will receive $1,000 including materials.


The projected artwork install period will take place during the month of September 2021, exact dates to be determined. These dates are subject to change and artists are expected to remain as flexible as possible in this regard.

Any artist or team of artists interested in creating two-dimensional designs driven by the project goals, to be completed in September 2021, may produce a proposal in accordance with the guidelines provided below. Artist(s) must be a resident of Summit County, UT.

Artists and/or artist teams may submit concepts for the Bonanza Park Paint Out. Artists may submit proposals for multiple surfaces (i.e. concepts for both the concrete court surface and the mural cube surface), but can only be selected for 1 project at the discretion of the selection committee. Submission of digital materials is required. Please review all guidelines in this Call to Artists and resources provided before starting an Artist Application. Incomplete responses will not be considered.

Applications are due by 5 PM Mountain Time on Wednesday, August 25, 2021. Digital format responses will be accepted via this Artist Application. In addition to filling out the digital application form, interested artists must also email required application materials via email to Required application materials can be found below in the ‘HOW TO APPLY’ section of this Call to Artists.

Goals of the Bonanza Park Paint Out The Arts Council is seeking artwork for the temporary Bonanza Art Park that complies with the following requirements:

  • Must convey the theme of “Art Connects Us”, reflecting values of kindness, connectedness, compassion, and togetherness.*
  • *Concrete courts must reflect geometric designs. “Art Connects Us” theme may be integrated, but not required.
  • Create and celebrate a strong sense of place, recognizing the strong arts and cultural vibrancy of Park City, UT.
  • Engage the viewer during the project’s installation and beyond.
  • The artwork must be fabricated in outdoor media that is safe, easily maintained, and proven its viability in temporary public artworks.
  • The artwork must be suitable for public viewing by all ages.
  • The artwork must utilize sustainable practices.
  • Ability to complete artwork onsite at the temporary Bonanza Art Park site (1635 Bonanza Drive, Park City, UT 84060) during the month of September 2021 (exact dates TBD).
  • All surfaces (concrete or wooden) will be provided. The artist is to provide all other art materials needed to execute the artwork.
  • Artist must be a Summit County, UT resident.
  • The artwork may have interactive elements, but this is not required.

Call to Artists launch 8|13|21
Virtual artist info session 8|20|21
Artist Applications Due 8|25|21
Artists Selection 8|26 & 27 |21
Final Artist Approval 9|2|21
Project Execution Period (onsite) 9|7-24|21
Project Completion 9|24|21


Park City has hired the Arts Council of Park City & Summit County as a Professional Service Provider for programming in the Arts & Culture District (temporary activation known as the Bonanza Art Park). The Arts Council will accept all artwork applications and submissions and will execute a review and selection of artwork through a jury process following the criteria outlined below. The Arts Council will provide a review of all designs along with artwork recommendations to the Park City Public Art Board. The Arts Council and the Park City Public Art Board will make final artwork design recommendations to the City Council, who will determine final approval of all selected artwork before implementation (estimated Council approval on September 2, 2021). Applications will be reviewed on the following criteria. Please note that late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

  • A proposed concept that helps achieve the stated goals of the temporary Bonanza Art Park site’s goals and objectives.
  • Quality of skills and the ability to develop a unique and creative mural design.
  • Demonstrated applicant ability to create artworks appropriate in concept for this project.
  • Willingness to consult and work collaboratively with the selection committee and project producers to successfully meet any site requirements, schedules, and deadlines.
  • Potential to successfully complete the project within the required time.
  • Adherence to the maximum budget pertaining to specific projects ($2,500 for concrete courts, $1,750 for mural cubes, and $1,000 for panels).
  • Functionality and durability of the proposed services. The art is intended for temporary outdoor display and must take into consideration variable climate.
  • Professional References – Applicants should list and provide contact information for at least three (2) references to contact for similar work performed.
  • Additional sustainable or “green” practices and qualities of your materials preferred.
  • Overall professionalism and presentation of ideas and application materials.

Applications will be juried and reviewed by a selection committee comprised of Arts Council personnel (staff and board), and local community individuals and partners including, but not limited to: Kimball Art Center

● Park City Community Foundation ● Park City Professional Artist Association ● Park City Gallery Association ● Park Silly Sunday Market


Once the Arts Council selection committee reviews the artwork, they will make recommendations to the Park City Public Art Advisory Board and City Council.

Please email three images of your artwork (JPG, PNG, or PDF) along with a draft sketch concept and description of the proposed artwork for the Bonanza Art Park Paint Out to, and fill out this Artist Application by August 25, 2021 at 5:00 PM MST.

An information session for artists who are interested in this project will be provided virtually via zoom on Friday, August 20, 2021 at noon. We highly encourage any artists considering submitting applications to attend the meeting. This meeting is estimated to be 30 minutes to an hour. Virtual meeting details are below: Register in advance for the info session: After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Any other questions may be sent via email to:
Jocelyn Scudder, Executive Director
Arts Council | Park City & Summit County

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