The Park City Arts and Culture District: A place of delightful discovery and creative connection for locals to call their own.

In 2017, Park City, Kimball Art Center and other partners began the process of creating the Park City Arts and Culture District – an amenity designed specifically for residents, students, local and visiting artists to gather, create and collaborate. Situated on 5.25-acres in the Bonanza Park neighborhood, the Arts and Culture District is envisioned to be a multi-disciplinary space for visual, media and performing arts, immersive learning, culinary experiences and community celebrations – characteristics consistent with the Park City 2020 vision.


Project Features

Through early study, planning and public feedback, the Arts & Culture District concept has evolved to include the best of Park City’s arts and cultural offerings along with modern community amenities to create a lively, multifaceted destination where residents want to live, work and play.

Project Features Include:
Creative live/work environment for artists including studio and workspaces, affordable artist housing, residency space and co-op studios [Photo courtesy of Claire Wiley/Eclectic Brew Productions]
New venues for the Kimball Art Center and another future arts anchor [Photo courtesy of Lake Flato Architecture]
Presentation areas [Photo courtesy of Katie Eldridge]
Pop-up gallery spaces [Photo courtesy of Gabriella Santos Photography]
Photography and videography studios
Outdoor sloped grass movie plaza
Indoor and outdoor community gathering areas including a public plaza [Photo courtesy of Gabriella Santos Photography]
Food hall with space for start-up restaurateurs and market stalls
Well-connected public spaces with on-site transit transfer center, bike paths, pedestrian walkways and an architectural parking structure [Photo courtesy of Park City]
Community media arts lab
Audio recording studios
Arts classrooms [Photo courtesy of Kimball Arts Center]

Project Renderings

Rendering Gallery:
View from the plaza entrance on Munchkin Road. The co-op artist studios are on the left with affordable housing above. The building on the right has a coffee shop, transit entrance, and exhibit space for local artists with an intimate performance space above.
View east of the co-op studios across the plaza to the ground floor studios and maker spaces with affordable housing on the second floor. Plaza level studios, maker spaces and pop-up spaces are designed to open up to the plaza to create an interactive environment for artists and visiting residents.
View south-west from the north end of the plaza. The food hall is on the left with an event space above. Kimball Art Center's building is on the right. Co-op studios and affordable housing are seen above. The plaza area will display art, provide opportunities for outdoor dining, and host events, gatherings and performances.
View from the Bonanza Drive and Prospector intersection showing the end of the food hall and the sloped grass area for film presentations on the side of the arts anchor building on the right. The Arts and Culture District will be open into the evenings for classes, performances, dining and events.
View south from Bonanza and Kearns Boulevard intersection with Old Town beyond. The Park City Arts and Culture district is being planned to be a year-round attraction for residents.
View of the food hall from the corner of the second floor affordable housing. Kimball Art Center's building is on the left. Smaller scale pop-up events and presentations will provide engagement on the plaza.

Community Feedback To Date

Early public involvement work was done in 2017 to understand what the community desired in a more defined arts and culture district in Park City. Here’s what the community said:

The Project Team Needs to Hear from You!

The project team is seeking feedback from the community about various aspects of the project including programming, public art, food offerings in the food hall, uses for public spaces and types of events.

While in-person engagement is limited due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the project team will still work to collect meaningful input from the community through a variety of virtual and socially distant small group meetings.


The City and its planning team are moving forward cautiously and purposefully to create an amenity that brings value to our community while remaining conservative in projections and programming. While the current schedule supports construction beginning in March of 2021 and project completion in late 2023, the project is progressing in a way that accommodates either a full stop or phased approach.

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Project Partners

The Park City Arts and Culture District is a cooperative project between Park City, Kimball Art Center and other arts partners.